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Your body, your muffler

24 Feb

As I was driving my truck around today, I noticed it was making a lot of noise.  “Must be the muffler”, I thought.  I considered taking it in to the muffler people to have it fixed; the noise was bothering me, and I was embarrassed by the looks I was getting from passersby.  But that would cost money (fear thought); maybe a lot of money (fear thought sub one)!  I’ll just ignore it, I thought; it’s probably not a big deal, the truck still runs, doesn’t it?  “Hmmm- when was the last time I changed the oil on this thing?”  I realized I hadn’t been taking great care of this vehicle that allows me to get around, albeit noisily.

Your body is a lot like your vehicle; actually, it’s your life’s vehicle!  When was the last time you acted on your impulse to just go out and buy a new model?  I’m guessing the answer is never, since, although through modern medicine you can get new parts for your body, you can’t yet trade it in at the Used Body Shop!  Our bodies make muffler noises all the time:  that pain in your abdomen, that ache or numbness down your arm, your inability to sleep, or poop, or breathe…

Not only does the body get us around as our life’s vehicle, it’s got a great warning system integrated into its “dashboard”; all those signs listed above, and all the ones you’re ignoring now, are the body’s way of communicating problems, asking you to please take it in for a maintenance or an engine check.  If I don’t pay attention to my truck’s muffler for a while longer, it might just fall off someday- and I’ll wish I’d heeded its signals!

When your life vehicle is talking to you, please listen:  call up your massage therapist, doctor, chiropractor.  Get some exercise, eat the right food for you, stretch and breathe.  All the information you need is there in your body- time to listen!

Health and Wellness

24 Feb

Health and Wellness:  what’s that?

We hear a lot about health and wellness; it’s become a buzz phrase of sorts.  How I look at health is informed by the concept of vibration; we’re all vibrational beings, buzzing about the planet, oblivious to our own nature, for the most part!  My desire in writing blogs here is to share how I look at reality: physically, spiritually, emotionally.  Y’know, mindbodyspirit!  (There’s another buzz word!)  Isn’t it great that recent buzzwords and phrases are all about our health, and reflect a change in how we see ourselves?  Stay tuned for opinions, links, and shared information about these things that are so important to yours truly- and thanks for reading!

Hello world!

17 Feb