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The New Health Insurance

19 May

The New Health Insurance

Now that many of us have signed up for health insurance (thanks, Obama Care- we’ll see how it works in the long run), we probably feel a little safer and healthier, just knowing the safety net is there. But that’s mostly what health insurance is- a safety net. Companies like Kaiser Permanente and others recognize the benefit to their bottom line of keeping their insured people healthy, and they have great programs and information to support their clients’ health. However, nothing can replace plain, old-fashioned taking care of yourself! What would you prefer: taking care of yourself by improving and then maintaining your physical and psychological health, or waiting for a crisis to come along, and relying on others to “fix” you, while dealing with possible complications from medicines or surgery?

This sounds a little unforgiving, doesn’t it? No person is an island, after all; we all need help from massage therapists, physical therapists, psychotherapists and doctors to keep us healthy. They are part of our team; but who’s heading up the team? You!  Who is living in your body? Hopefully, only you are living in your body! And that gives you special insight into what feels right for you, what feels supportive to your health.Personally, I love yoga, massage, biking, and eating vegetarian Indian food- but not everyone does. I tune into my body and mind frequently (some might say too often!) to listen to what’s going on in there- not everyone has the same style of inner listening that I do. What’s your style? How do you tune in to your body and mind? How do you interpret the messages from your body and mind?Image

I’ve received emails with this quote at the bottom: “Be yourself, everyone else is taken.” Barring parallel universes with versions of you in them, you are the only unique expression of “you”  there is in the world. Who better would know how it feels to be you? When you get to know yourself and understand what pushes your buttons, you’re able to react more intelligently to what the world throws at you. When you get to know the messages your body gives you (I’m tired, I need to move around, I’m thirsty), you can head off health problems before they begin. I’d like to suggest a new way to live our lives, where we tune in on a regular basis to our Selves, and take advantage of therapies and practices that support us in living healthy lives and in heading off health problems in the first place!

In my next blog, I’ll highlight those therapies that I or my clients have found helpful in living a full, healthy and aware life!