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The Walking Tree

9 Apr

I recently took a lovely walk along a new (for me) trail, located right outside of a subdivision. The countryside was similar to that I grew up in: yellow, dry grasses, rolling, dusty hills, meadowlarks perched on survey stakes, calling out in their impossibly complex song. I love the meadowlark- every time I hear one sing, I grin and my heart sighs, remembering that beautiful sound from the halcyon days of my childhood in the country! I don’t hear meadowlarks much, living in the city as I do- they are birds whose habitat is the field.

The longer I walked, and listened to the sounds around me as well as the rhythmic sound of my own footfalls, the more I experienced the feeling of walking without moving: like when you’re at the airport on one of those moving walkways, and your pace is the same speed as the walkway- people outside the walkway speed by as you walk, and you feel as if you’re almost standing still. I found myself waxing poetic; I felt like I was a tree, rooted in the ground and centered in my own body, and I created this poem to express how I felt, and to remind myself how great it feels to truly feel at home in my body.

The Walking Tree-  by Christina Hildebrandt

As I walk forward, my mind says, “Do this!”, “Accomplish that!”

It lives forward in time and place, like a dog eager for his walk and half out the door.

But my heart pleads, Stay here; stay in this moment, in this body.

Smell the aromas around you; stay in this body.

See the things around you; stay here now.

Be like a walking tree.

A tree is vertical; it occupies its space gently. Rooted to the ground, yet flexible, it bows to the wind when necessary,

Seeing everything around it, breathing the air (inhale, exhale).

When you walk, walk without moving, like a tree.

You may go forward, your steps walking on the path,

But like walking on a moving walkway, it seems as if you remain still

And the terrain, and time, and people, pass by.

Remain in your heart- in your center. Watch things as they arise, and observe them to pass away.

Remain in your body, like a tree: rooted and centered.

Remain in your smile, as you live each moment, as you experience every sensation, observe every thought

And smile!

Be like a walking tree.