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Look up!

2 Dec

Dear Reader,

I want to share with you a short technique to bring perspective to your life- look up.

My mind is often somewhere in the future, or in the past, and rarely in the present. It’s usually fixated on something; and when I say fixated, I should perhaps say, ‘fixed’, as in ‘not budging’. “I can’t believe she said that to me!” (past thought), or “How am I possibly going to be able to do everything on my list?” (future thought), etc. Or, my mind is scattered, going a mile a minute and everywhere at once.

Sometimes, breathing is enough to bring me to this moment, but sometimes I need something visual and metaphorical- like moving clouds. ¬†Looking up, I see fluffy, white clouds in a bright, blue sky. They look down on me and, compassionately witnessing my struggle with myself, ¬†seem to say, ‘It’s ok. You’re ok. You’re part of us, the clouds!’ It stops me in my tracks, and I take a big breath, and for one small moment, I’m in the present as well as I can be. I’m connected with everything on the Earth, and I smile!

Give this a try- it’s fun! I’ll be you find that it changes your moment, too.