Musings about Energy Signatures

7 Mar

Two things happened recently that made me wonder about the concept of energy signatures.

Recently, I helped organize a Japanese Tea Ceremony at The Meditation Place in Longmont, where I live. The Meditation Place is a wonderful facility, offering many different meditation styles from groups around the city, as well as body work sessions, psychotherapy, movement therapies, and events like this tea ceremony. The ceremony itself proved to be interesting in many ways: the facilitator Mike Ricci gave us history on Chado (the Way of Tea) and included lots of interesting tidbits, including its evolution over the centuries from a political tool and social event to a spiritual practice. This emphasis on the meditative and spiritual aspect of the tea ceremony, in addition to the methodical, slow and thoughtful movements behind every aspect of the ceremony, created an atmosphere of grounding and quietude in the large space of The Meditation Place.

Afterwards, a woman who often attends my singing bowl sessions at TMP approached me. She was positively giddy as she asked me, did you hear that sound? I was confused and didn’t know what she was referring to, but she explained: “When Mike was conducting the tea ceremony and everyone’s attention was focused so intently on what he was doing, I heard a sound emanating from the room. I can’t really put my finger on it… did you hear it?” I thought for a moment and at first responded that I hadn’t heard a sound. But then as my mind tuned into that vibration that had been created by the tea ceremony, I said to her, “Oh…oh, you mean like this?”, and I proceeded to tone a sound that popped into my mind. Immediately, she said “Yes! yes! that’s it!”

The tea ceremony provided an environment of spiritual learning and experience. I believe that whenever we focus our minds, we are creating a vibration with our thoughts and intentions; a sensitive person may even hear that vibration, which is after all a collection of frequencies- sound. The folks at the Heart Math Institute would agree with me, possibly adding that the heart itself has a consciousness that imbues itself into our daily lives and experiences. This idea that our thoughts and “heart-felt” intentions create our experience is not a new one; this concept has been around for thousands of years, especially perhaps in India. The tea ceremony was a special event, but isn’t every day of our lives, even every moment of our lives, a special event? Some spiritual traditions that recognize reincarnation say that it is a very rare thing to be reincarnated as a human being; we should be grateful that we have this chance as conscious, thinking beings to create our own reality! We have a choice about our thoughts. And knowing that each thought we have creates an energy signature in our immediate environment leads us to understand how important the quality of our thoughts is. Baird Hersey, author of The Practice of Nada Yoga: Meditation on the Inner Sacred Sound, talks about “a soundtrack for your life”: he encourages us to watch people as they pass through our day, and imagine what music they’re emitting; he suggests that we imagine a soundtrack for any activity we’re undertaking, and that this will flavor and influence how we act in our lives.

Any practice like meditation that helps us observe our own thoughts and thus gives us the opportunity to guide and change them, is an important practice for every day. In fact, I would suggest that the cultivation of wholesome thoughts through meditation, whether alone in your living room or with a group of people, can change the world into a more just and peaceful place. Think about this: As you add your wholesome thoughts into the world, you change the energy signature of your community and help compose the soundtrack for yourself and your fellow human beings! Are you wondering what the second occurrence was that started me musing about energy signatures? In my next blog, I’ll talk about what I consider to be the practical applications of the energy signature concept!

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