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Vibrational Healing with Sound

9 Jul

Quite a while ago I promised to write a post about my experience using sound as a vibrational healing tool. It has taken me quite a while to write about it, mainly because I couldn’t figure out how to explain something that eludes explanation.

I knew I wanted to somehow convey what it’s like to put my hands on a person’s body and receive information from their body. What is the mechanism behind that? I think it must be vibrational. As I thought about how to explain this phenomenon, I thought about how I receive information from my clients’ bodies. Of course they tell me with their words: information about their lives, their pain etcetera. However, what the person says is often quite different from what their body presents. As a bodyworker when I listen to a person’s body, I’m mining for information: what is the craniosacral system telling me? What can I deduce from this draw I feel down into the body that snakes around and eventually ends up at the right knee? I like to say that the body is always on the phone telling us what it needs at any given moment, and a good listener will pick up the phone and give their presence to that conversation. It can be tempting to let one’s ego run the show: what if I really just want to do a craniosacral session today, and not follow the wishes of my client’s body? Nope, not an option! I must defer at all times to the wisdom of the body, to that inner physician everyone has, who knows exactly the right thing to do all the time! If I really believe this (and I do believe this!), then I will do what the body wishes, even if it’s not what I want to do. 

It’s not only my hands that receive information. My own energy field also recognizes disturbances in my client’s energy field, or “sees” some energy form in the room that is influencing my client’s energetic health. I sometimes think that the information flowing from the person lying on my massage table- who has their own energetic language and frame of reference- must be interpreted and translated and put through my filters so that I can understand it, so that it’s speaking my language. What is meaningful to me is metaphor and symbol, and so sometimes I will “see” a geometric shape above my client’s head, or over their solar plexus.  I haven’t consistently figured out what these symbols mean; and really, it’s probably better not to know, as we’ll soon find out!

The power of thought cannot be underestimated here: it often happens that when I’m listening through the top of the head to that fascial container in the body but thinking about the details of what my client told me before we begin the session, it’s almost as if the flow of information is compromised or cut off. But when I say to myself silently, “I don’t know”, the floodgates open and all the information that the body has been yearning to share with me comes through!  “I don’t know” has become my mantra in all my body work sessions where I’m listening at that deep level to the body; saying those words signals to my client’s energy that I’m tuned in to its frequency, that I’m listening openly for what the body has to say.

Just as in a conversation with a friend, the listener gives the speaker all her attention, as if this were the most important thing in the world to hear, as if she knew it was the last time she would ever get to listen to this person. And when the speaker feels truly heard by the listener, all the pain that was contained in her strong emotions is dissipated. She is free and doesn’t need to communicate any longer, because there’s nothing more to be said. There’s no more juice! The same applies to the body: when that distressed energy that needs to express itself is truly heard, it no longer needs to speak, because its energy has finally been met. The Vietnamese monk and meditation master Thich Nhat Han teaches a technique to let the juice out of any charged situation: he suggests first acknowledging the difficult emotion. “Hello my little anger”, he says. His teaching is to embrace the emotion with compassion and love, whether it’s another’s anger or your own, and in so doing dissipate its energy. Your anger has been seen and listened to, and so has become deflated and often reveals the emotion that was really underlying all that anger, perhaps grief or sadness. 

I said earlier that receiving information from my client’s body is a vibrational phenomenon.  In order to correctly hear that information, I must ‘dial in’ to the correct frequency, and the way that I do that is use the power of precision that is inherent in words. When I feel a draw in the body that comes to rest in the right knee, I must then get specific: I run through the anatomy of the knee in my mind, asking silently, “Is this muscular? Bony? Ligamentous?” The draw I feel will tug slightly at the correct answer. Ok- it’s ligamentous. Is it the medial or lateral collateral ligament? The cruciate ligament? Tug. Here’s the amazing thing: once I’ve identified in my mind the correct anatomical, energetic or emotional structure or idea, the restriction that’s been causing the problem will release! Then we move on to the next layer. The vibrational nature of thought meets the vibrational nature of body.

So, to truly hear the information from the body requires both a wide-spectrum listening attitude, and a laser-like ability to verify what you’re hearing from the body’s wisdom.  Even as a non-bodyworker, one could use this concept: next time you’re listening to someone talk, expand your awareness and energy field, and observe what subtle information you’re picking up. You may find that you receive intuitive information that you wouldn’t otherwise have noticed.